A few things men tend to lie on interracial dating websites

So many people on interracial dating websites! Majority of the accounts belong to serious daters and a select few may be there just for fun or to have a firsthand experience of how dating websites tend to work. Almost all people take good care not to pass any false information to their prospective dates via their dating profile, however, a tinge of distortion of facts and figures does take place especially from men. Men, especially the ones looking out to make an impression in the online dating scenario might try to distort information via their online profiles. Ladies you need to be careful on interracial dating websites before actually making up an impression for someone in your mind. A few things about which men may try and tell lies on interracial dating websites are mentioned below.

Men tend to lie about their Job on interracial dating websites

short manThis is one of the most common lies that men tend to spread via their dating profile and sometimes even via their social media handles. A guy may have his job title outlined as a CEO. However, there is a big difference between a CEO of a small business and a CEO of a startup started from the person’s parent’s garage. Be smart ask how many employees does his organization employ, how many branches his organization has, search for the company name on the web, local directories and if you want to go any further then with the better business bureau also.

Men tend to lie about their height

Well, this is something men love to do all the time. They will tend to add an extra two inches to their height on the interracial dating website since they are sure you are not going to bring a measuring tape to measure their height. If you really want to know the exact height of your date better have a look at their driving license since the actual height will be mentioned over there.

Loss of weight is common on interracial dating websites

The images they have put there on the website are those where they have been in the prime of their health or at the prime of their weight loss program. The weight column while being filled by most men has a number that is almost twenty pounds short of the actual weight. Do not be shocked if you find your interracial date to be almost 20 pounds heavier once you meet him in the real world.

Relationship status may be dicey

All men while filling out their details on interracial dating websites will write single big and clear. This single can mean anything. He may be wriggling out of a relationship, he may not have had a girlfriend in the last 5 years, and he may be in the middle of another relationship but is not sure if he really wants to get into it. To enhance their prospects of being approached by women on interracial dating websites men normally use the word single to denote they are available – some of them with terms and conditions.

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