Meeting the parents of your interracial partner for the very first time

Meeting the parents of the person you are dating can be such a nerve wrecking affair. It doesn’t mattter what race they are. People get nervous all the time. Now imagine them coming from a different culture. The nervousness is ususally heighteend. You want them to accept you just as your partner has. You keep hoping that they are open enough to see beyond the racial difference. Things have to go smoothly since you really like your partner.

How to make the first meeting with your interracial partner’s parents go smoothly.

1. Take to time to learn a thing or two about them

The person who knows your potential in laws is your partner. Ask him to tell you a little or a lot about them. Prepare yourself before hand.

2. When meeting the parents varry a small gift

No matter how small, gifts are always a thoughtful thing to bring when meeting the parents. You can make it as simple as bringing a desert.

3. Keep you hands and things about the lust and attraction to yourselves.

Much as they might want to be sure that your relationship is the real deal, dontgo into details about your attraction or how you met and had sex the first day. At the same time, try keeping your hands to yourselves until you go back home and its just the two of you. Some cultures see public displays of affection as disredspectful.

4. Engage with the parents

Ask a few questions about them in a bit to know them better. Also make it a point ask questions about your partner that shows genuine interest in her as a person and who she used to be. These are some of the things that will give you pointers.

Hope that your meeting the parents event goes as smoothly as planned.


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