Is there something wrong with dating multiple people?

dating multiple people


Many people have a negative view about dating multiple people at the same time, but truly speaking, dating multiple people at once is totally okay if you are into casual dating but if you are in an intimate relationship with a person then it’s not ethically right to have multiple partners.

Casual dating is a phase when you are trying to explore the options to find the ideal partner and committing to a single casual partner can lead to missing the better opportunity to date a better partner.

Reasons to date multiple people

Get a better partner:

its a mistake that most of the men/ women do, they go on a casual date and gets comfortable with being that person. Step out of your comfort zone and pursue to check the better opportunities available around you until you are done indulge in a committed relationship.

Its proven that people who dated multiple people before getting into the committed relationship have a better partner with better compatibility. If you stuck yourself to a single partner, then you will never know what the world has to offer.

dating multiple people

It’s not a taboo:

Dating a single partner and getting committed to that same partner is a part of the narrow mentality of society. Whenever you go to the supermarket to buy the groceries or clothes do you try and compare different items and check which suits you best? Then why not compare and try different people before you get yourself into a committed relationship.

Dating ‘Musts’

Many women find themselves trapped in the dating “musts” or rules, throw those ideas into the garbage. You are entitled to follow rules made by someone with narrow outlook, your destiny depends on your actions.  

The dangers of focusing on one guy

So you have been seeing a guy casually for a couple of months and you have been getting hot and cold vibes from him and don’t know whether he is totally into you or not, what to do?

Here is a solution: stop getting committed to casual relationships! casual dating is called casual because you are not required to pursue and stick to only one person. You should feel free to explore all the opportunities and maybe you can find a better person while you are dating multiple people casually.

Psychologically, guys are attracted towards women who have dated multiple guys and know how to handle things well. Those women seem bit more challenging to guys which improve your attractiveness.

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