Is it cheating if you sleep with someone in another country

is it cheating

Sleeping with another person while being away from a partner is quite common around the world, dating apps and social networking has made the process easier than ever before, but is it cheating if you sleep with someone in another country?

Whether you are army personnel or a casual traveler, who is traveling overseas because of any reason, cheating on your committed relationship can never be affirmed as morally correct.  

Why do people cheat?

No one would like to cheat in a happy relationship but there are some common reasons that push a person towards cheating on their partner:


Many people who cheat while traveling abroad are in a happy relationship but they cheat because they don’t fear being caught up and traveling abroad if the best time to explore a different dimension of sexual fantasies.

Seductive Nature of Transgression

Some adults have admitted that they slept with another person while being away from the family because it made them feel like a teenager.

Lack of emotional satisfaction

Some time people lacks emotional satisfaction in their relationship and traveling abroad is the best way to explore their sexual desires.

Falling out of love

Many people justified their cheating with this reason, they were lacking any interest in the person they were living with but were in relationships because of the family reason.

Just curious about it

Many people don’t fall in love with someone else on their travel trip, they pay for it. People pay to sleep with someone because of the curiosity, many people like to try people from different ethnicity.

is it cheating

There are some reasons where cheating on the partner can be justified, people tend to have extra marital sex when they fall out of love or feel emotionally unsatisfied. But one should never ignore the fact that cheating on a partner can have hazardous long-term effects on your relationship.

Before you sleep with someone else on your trip, ask yourself a question, “will you be okay if your partner does the same with you?” and then make a conscious decision.

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