How to move on when your love is not reciprocated

How do you deal when you are in a situation of love not reciprocated by the person you are so into? Should you try harder and try to make them love you? Or should you just give up and move on. Well as much as the latter is hard to do, it is something I would always advocate on. Move on. Hanging on will only cause so much pain and anguish in the long run. So how do you go about this smoothly?

How to move on from a love when they are not into you

Immerse yourself in activities and keep busy

It can be hard to just pick up and move on especially if your life was centered around this particular person. But the easiest way to do this is to find other interests. For instance, how about enrolling in activities that will add towards your personal growth?

You could join the gym or take some time off and travel with your friends. Sometimes all one needs to get over love not reciprocated is a little time away from the source of anguish in order to reflect and make sense of the whole situation. Who knows… you might actually discover that you weren’t all that into them either.

Hit the dating circuit

dating online

Now that you have had time to reflect, it’s time to leave the past behind and find other interests. Luckily, there are numerous numbers of dating sites you can register on to keep you busy on those lonely nights. With all the dating apps like Tinder, you can easily get a date within your area in a flash. Have some fun with it. You never know what’s awaiting you on the other side of your network.

Get over love not reciprocated easily by hitting the bars and clubs with your mates

Stop mopping. Get off your couch and go have some well-deserved fun with your friends. While there, let the rule be: No talking about the ex. Let loose and enjoy. Go to the dance floor and ask a stranger for a dance. Such nights of fun are what makes one look forward to putting themselves out there to find love again.

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