How to Grab Positive Attention

Trying to be noticed by your crush could be a  heart – wrenching at times. There is that great need to catch the attention of your crush. Look your best to be noticed. How can you be noticed when you are so far away from the radar of your crush?


Try to be out there and be noticed.

Put up a good impression by looking your best, your smart best. It doesn’t hurt if you can put up a very good appearance – change your hairstyle, give attention to your face.  Try to put up a fresh and smooth face.  Update your wardrobe. Of course, physical attraction should go beyond what is seen but it is still important in catching someone’s attention.  Then, if you have good qualities that you can show off, why not flaunt it? Show that you have confidence – that you are an interesting person worth taking a second look at.

Start talking to your crush

When talking to your crush, just be the natural, real you. Put out the interesting stuff about yourself – act cool, play it cool. Express your intentions clearly as people do not really read minds. Show active listening not just in what you say but in your gestures.

Express your funny, quirky side

People like it when you’re funny – so say something funny and laugh at it casually. Being funny will get you a long way in the getting the attention of others.  A funny person is well liked and will always attract the attention of everyone. This is best when you are able to make your crush laugh, you will surely make a mark. To be funny, you need to have a lot of confidence in yourself and how you can project this side of yours to others. If not something funny, say something quirky. Move up and say something interesting and unique. This will surely make heads turn towards you. These are the perfect elements for drawing people – your personality and confidence.

Be available

Show to your crush that you are there, that you are open and accepting. This is not merely expressed through what you are saying but also by how to position and put yourself out there. Adopt an open stance meaning make sure that you are not covering your torso with your hand or any items. Put away your cell phone when talking to someone and use appropriate gestures.

Show genuineness

Acting out like somebody and pretending like somebody will surely kill you in the “notice me”  game. Do not be Know yourself and be mindful of how you project yourself to others. Just be yourself by identifying your strengths and cool side. Know which side of you needs to be enhanced. Genuineness is also very attractive. Show interest in the other person. Listen intently and respond appropriately. Nothing is more attractive than someone being genuinely present and giving you that attention you deserve.




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