Why The Swirler

If you’re looking for a swirl on your relationships, then you’ve arrived at your destination. We have made thousands of happy partnerships since our inception years ago, and the counting never stops.


Remember why you’re here, to find that partner who’s most compatible to your entirety. Thus, create a profile that speaks about yourself – the real you.


Lure your partner by using your best portrait and do away with excessive filters. Choose a profile photo that reflects who you are, just make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.


While we try to protect our users’ privacy, you may also have to do your part. Stay away from disclosing too much about yourself. Be real but keep your guard.


Spend time reading other profiles, after all; you’re looking for your partner. Don’t just click ‘like’ based on appealing images. Consider the entirety of the profile before hitting any buttons. Remember, your goal is to find yourself your most likely match. Don’t just sit waiting in vain.


Imagine how much you hate receiving spam mail? Then don’t go bombarding others with generic templates. If you find a profile that attracts you, then make some effort in tailor fitting your messages.


Don’t rush into things, especially finding a partner. Like face-to-face relationships, online dating takes time. Pack tons of patience with you and enjoy your online dating journey.

Good luck and may you find ‘The Swirler’ of your life.