Dating best friend a few reasons you can consider to convince yourself

Dating is one part of life that comes with its own surprises. Dating best friend seems to cut short those surprises still one will be able to relive the dating experience of dating best friend if both the partners are excited to date each other. Your best friend will behave and may also show up a new personality once you start dating him or her. Apart from that both of you have known each other for ages thus the discomfort or even the stress of knowing each other is cut short.

Family acceptance for dating best friend is easy

The biggest hurdle while dating is getting your date introduced to your family especially if you are going to continue your relationship for a long time probably marriage. However one does not face much of a problem while dating a best friend. Probably your family knows all your friends and your best friend is a household name for your parents and siblings. Approval from family for the date comes without any problems even if you have decided to date outside your race. Many interracial relationships are a result of best friends dating.

While dating best friend you have had your first date

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Both of you might be hanging together, going out together to various events, go for a sleep over to common friends places or even to each other’s homes before actually proposing each other to date. Spending quality time together and talking to each other is something that will not be new for you. This means you already have had your first date. You need not go through the first date blues like deciding which restaurant or café to visit, what clothes to wear or how to behave with your date for the first time.

You know about each other’s past relationships

You and your best friend have shared everything till now including your past relationship failures, you know about his relationship failures if any. If you two have met just a few days ago then you two must have heard or known the minutest details about your best friend. This makes dating best friend all the easier and justified.

Dating your best friend means you have a lot in common

When you are friends especially best friends you have a lot in common between yourself. You share interests, you share hobbies, you may also be sharing the same school, college or area which makes the connection or bond all the stronger. Even if is an interracial relationship both of you have so much in common that race does not really have an effect on your relationship. Going out and doing activities together while dating changes the equation altogether compared to the one you had when you were just best friends.

You complete each other as best friends and dating partners

Dating best friend means you complement the qualities and shortcomings of each other before you actually start dating each other. Expectation setting is according to the past relationship you have had as best friends. You know the mood tantrums of each other. Apart from that, you know how to lift up the mood of your dating partner without going overboard.


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