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How to move on when your love is not reciprocated

How do you deal when you are in a situation of love not reciprocated by the person you are so into? Should you try harder and try to make them love you? Or should you just give up and move on. Well as much as the latter is hard to do, it is something I would always advocate on. Move on. Hanging on will only cause so much pain and anguish in the long run. So how do you go about this smoothly?

How to move on from a love when they are not into you

Immerse yourself in activities and keep busy

It can be hard to just pick up and move on especially if your life was centered around this particular person. But the easiest way to do this is to find other interests. For instance, how about enrolling in activities that will add towards your personal growth?

You could join the gym or take some time off and travel with your friends. Sometimes all one needs to get over love not reciprocated is a little time away from the source of anguish in order to reflect and make sense of the whole situation. Who knows… you might actually discover that you weren’t all that into them either.

Hit the dating circuit

dating online

Now that you have had time to reflect, it’s time to leave the past behind and find other interests. Luckily, there are numerous numbers of dating sites you can register on to keep you busy on those lonely nights. With all the dating apps like Tinder, you can easily get a date within your area in a flash. Have some fun with it. You never know what’s awaiting you on the other side of your network.

Get over love not reciprocated easily by hitting the bars and clubs with your mates

Stop mopping. Get off your couch and go have some well-deserved fun with your friends. While there, let the rule be: No talking about the ex. Let loose and enjoy. Go to the dance floor and ask a stranger for a dance. Such nights of fun are what makes one look forward to putting themselves out there to find love again.

is it cheating

Is it cheating if you sleep with someone in another country

is it cheating

Sleeping with another person while being away from a partner is quite common around the world, dating apps and social networking has made the process easier than ever before, but is it cheating if you sleep with someone in another country?

Whether you are army personnel or a casual traveler, who is traveling overseas because of any reason, cheating on your committed relationship can never be affirmed as morally correct.  

Why do people cheat?

No one would like to cheat in a happy relationship but there are some common reasons that push a person towards cheating on their partner:


Many people who cheat while traveling abroad are in a happy relationship but they cheat because they don’t fear being caught up and traveling abroad if the best time to explore a different dimension of sexual fantasies.

Seductive Nature of Transgression

Some adults have admitted that they slept with another person while being away from the family because it made them feel like a teenager.

Lack of emotional satisfaction

Some time people lacks emotional satisfaction in their relationship and traveling abroad is the best way to explore their sexual desires.

Falling out of love

Many people justified their cheating with this reason, they were lacking any interest in the person they were living with but were in relationships because of the family reason.

Just curious about it

Many people don’t fall in love with someone else on their travel trip, they pay for it. People pay to sleep with someone because of the curiosity, many people like to try people from different ethnicity.

is it cheating

There are some reasons where cheating on the partner can be justified, people tend to have extra marital sex when they fall out of love or feel emotionally unsatisfied. But one should never ignore the fact that cheating on a partner can have hazardous long-term effects on your relationship.

Before you sleep with someone else on your trip, ask yourself a question, “will you be okay if your partner does the same with you?” and then make a conscious decision.

happy interracial couple

Taking Your Interracial Partner On The Perfect First Date

Because of online dating, people of different races meet each other and become couples. Eventually, online couples would want to take their relationship offline for the perfect date. Even if you are miles apart, your first date is inevitable especially if you are really serious with each other. Here are some perfect date plans you can try.

Just Eat

interracial couple and coffeeLike any other date, eating with your interracial partner is definitely a must on your first date. What makes it more exciting is that you can try each other’s different cultural recipes. You can eat in a restaurant the serves the cuisine of your partner or yours. You can also cook for each other so you can both taste different cuisines at the same time. You can eat together at your or have a picnic together.

Have Fun Playing

Aside from eating, you can also play together. You can go bowling or ice-skating. You can play your favorite sports like badminton and basketball. You can also play some board games or mind games. You can also go to the arcade and play some arcade machines. You can also go to amusement parks to try on some rides. There are lots of ways to have fun. It is up to you and your partner to decide what to do

Be Entertained

Another idea on how you can spend your first date together is by watching some entertainment. You can watch films or have a movie marathon. You can also watch concerts together especially if you have a favorite international artist who is going to hold a concert in or near the area.

Enjoy The View

interracial couple looking at Christmas treeIf you are both not in the mood for a lot of activities, you can also enjoy the scenery around you. You can go to tourist spots together especially if you are in his/her country or vice versa. You can go to the city and see the city’s nightlife. You can also go to the outskirts of towns to enjoy some peaceful ambiance. You can also take some picture worthy scenes with your partner while your blending in with the surroundings.

Get To Know Each Other More

Another date idea you can try is to just sit back and talk to each other. Sometimes you don’t need to be fancy or go out on your first date. You can just always enjoy each other’s company. You can do some getting-to-know each other activities so it will be fun and not boring.

happy interracial coupleYou may be wondering why the dating ideas given here are like any typical dating activity. Actually, taking your interracial partner on a perfect first date is not different from taking a person of the same race on a first date. You two may be of different races but you are both humans. You have similarities that you will both agree on without taking too much consideration of the cultural difference. As long as you two are having a good time, it is a perfect date.


Secrets on How to Flirt Your Way to A Conversation or a Relationship

All right, this time I will teach you how to actually ‘tease’ your way into getting a conversation with someone you think is interesting. After all, someone needs to make the first move. For the single ladies who are scared of seeming too awkward, you may have to initiate else you will be left waiting in vain for the time to come.

Here are some decent ways on how you can make that first move.

1. Start Giving Compliments

Man flirting with woman

Of course, you wouldn’t want to come across fake or trying too hard. Just start acknowledging simple truths about the other person. Just be prepared for rebuttals and transitions. You wouldn’t like to talk all day about the sneakers or shirt he’s wearing, or the skirt that hugs her behind perfectly. (wink!)

2. Ask

There are limitless possibilities of things to ask, However, since you are making the first move, make sure to pick a topic tastefully and inquire in a way that would make the other person want to talk to you. First impressions often last, so don’t just ask anything for the sake of asking. Play it smart.

3. Encourage Opinion

You may have to assert yourself by opening a conversation with things you know or are sure of, then ask that person for an opinion. Like the first two tricks, you may have to be prepared and keen enough. It’s either you end up with a too opinionated person or not at all.

4. Be Forgiving

When making the first move, you may not always get the exact responses or reactions you expect. You may have to follow-up with an inquiry whether it’s bad timing or too personal. As this happens, relax. There’s always next time or another person.

Flirting doesn’t always have to come with a negative connotation. It’s all about timing.