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Activities that an interracial couple can do together to boost their love life

There are various couple activities that people in interracial relationships can do together in order to keep their love going. Normally people usually say that couples who have lasting relationships are those who do stuff together. I once read an article that said that couples who have similar drinking habits have better and lasting love. Who am I to deny that?

Anyway, we have to admit that most interracial couples, especially those that come from different regions of the world usually have a lot of cultural differences. But as a couple that has merged together in love, its time that both of you merged those differences in order to come up with something that works for both of you.

Below are some couple activities that are great for couples’ bonding.

1. Cooking together

Cooking together really makes a couple bond because you will always be taking… “Pass me the salt.” “What spices should we try out this time?” You will always have something to say. Try cooking while having some wine.

As an interracial couple from different cultural backgrounds, how about each week, you cook your traditional meals together. Then try and tweak the recipes to kind of make them “your own”. Kind of like something that incorporates the best of both worlds.

2. Traveling

You might not get to do this all the time, but traveling can be such a fun thing to do as an interracial couple. How about making it a point for each one of you to visit your native countries and learn about the culture, foods, and traditions. It can be such a great bonding experience as you explore each other’s worlds. Plus the explaining what things mean gets you talking.

3. Try couple activities like Kayaking

Kayaking is such a fun activity for couples. This is especially so because you get to put on some of those bikinis and shorts and show some great. This is definitely a great view as you row away. You can also play games like getting each other wet!

4. Go for sporting events

Men and sports! However, if you want to really make a man adore you, take an interest in the sports he loves.



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Tips to make sure that you don’t end up friendzoned

How can you make sure you are not friendzoned by the girl or guy you like?

So you have met this beautiful woman or a handsome dude that you really like. Now when you met, you had no feelings for her. But after spending a few times with them, you start developing feelings for them. They still consider you as a friend but you are not sure if they share similar romantic feelings that you have.

How do you ensure that you don’t end up in the friendzone, an area where you have become to much a friend and all romantic interest disappears?

1. Stop being their problem solver

Now, there is nothing wrong with giving him or her a listening ear. But if she is coming to you for guy or girl problems, then we have a big problem! You not to immediately stop being the person they run to for such. Let her know that you are not comfortable. Stop being too obliging.

2. Don’t be too much of a friend.

Now, I am not saying this in a bad way. What I really mean is, if you are too available to her as a friend, you will be frienzoned for sure. The key here is to drop hints that you are interested in being more than just a friend. Compliment her on her appearance … flirt with her and let her know that you find her sexually appealing.

Also, let her know that you are sexually available and that you enjoy spending time with her… alone!

3. Take her to fun places they enjoy

Excitement builds arousal that’s for sure. So enough with those boring dinners. Do some fun stuff together. Go out of your way to make them feel special. Now if they are into dancing, nothing brings 2 individuals closer. Take advantage when she leans closer.

4. Touching her or sneaking in a kiss is a sure way to know you are not being friendzoned.

couple kissing

If you don’t state your intentions boldly, you will never know. And touching does build intimacy. SO go for it. Let your feet touch each other… put your hand on their lap. If they are feeling you, they will touch you back. And if they do, its time to move in fast!

Go for it! Lean in for that kiss. What relationship can you build without a kiss? If she responds accordingly, dude she wants more… If they don’t, its time to move on!







How to Grab Positive Attention

Trying to be noticed by your crush could be a  heart – wrenching at times. There is that great need to catch the attention of your crush. Look your best to be noticed. How can you be noticed when you are so far away from the radar of your crush?


Try to be out there and be noticed.

Put up a good impression by looking your best, your smart best. It doesn’t hurt if you can put up a very good appearance – change your hairstyle, give attention to your face.  Try to put up a fresh and smooth face.  Update your wardrobe. Of course, physical attraction should go beyond what is seen but it is still important in catching someone’s attention.  Then, if you have good qualities that you can show off, why not flaunt it? Show that you have confidence – that you are an interesting person worth taking a second look at.

Start talking to your crush

When talking to your crush, just be the natural, real you. Put out the interesting stuff about yourself – act cool, play it cool. Express your intentions clearly as people do not really read minds. Show active listening not just in what you say but in your gestures.

Express your funny, quirky side

People like it when you’re funny – so say something funny and laugh at it casually. Being funny will get you a long way in the getting the attention of others.  A funny person is well liked and will always attract the attention of everyone. This is best when you are able to make your crush laugh, you will surely make a mark. To be funny, you need to have a lot of confidence in yourself and how you can project this side of yours to others. If not something funny, say something quirky. Move up and say something interesting and unique. This will surely make heads turn towards you. These are the perfect elements for drawing people – your personality and confidence.

Be available

Show to your crush that you are there, that you are open and accepting. This is not merely expressed through what you are saying but also by how to position and put yourself out there. Adopt an open stance meaning make sure that you are not covering your torso with your hand or any items. Put away your cell phone when talking to someone and use appropriate gestures.

Show genuineness

Acting out like somebody and pretending like somebody will surely kill you in the “notice me”  game. Do not be Know yourself and be mindful of how you project yourself to others. Just be yourself by identifying your strengths and cool side. Know which side of you needs to be enhanced. Genuineness is also very attractive. Show interest in the other person. Listen intently and respond appropriately. Nothing is more attractive than someone being genuinely present and giving you that attention you deserve.




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Things women love on their first interracial date

The first interracial date is a big step towards the bigger relationship goals a person is nurturing for his life with an interracial partner. The first few hurdles of prospecting, finding and meeting the perfect interracial date have been cleared. Now is the time for the first interracial date where you are going to see your interracial dating partner in flesh and blood for the first time. The excitement and emotional whirlwind is unparallel on that day and women for whom this is the first interracial date love it to the core of heir heart.

rowing dateWomen love the excitement build up of the first interracial date

The excitement that starts building up right from the morning on the first interracial date is one part of the first interracial date that women tend to love. Women wake up nervous in the morning and tend to calm down by mid-morning. The emotional upheaval all through the day is more than enough to keep her excited and love the feeling of seeing someone she may spend her entire life with. The whole day till the actual meeting is spent in thinking how it is going to turn out for her.

Women love selecting an outfit for the first interracial date

Women love dressing up. The first interracial date is a big thing in her life and she wants to look best on that day. The choice of clothes is another roller coaster ride that women take when getting ready for the first interracial date. More the clothes possessed by a woman harder it is to choose. Skirt or dress? Pants or Shorts? Button – up or T – Shirt? Heels or flats? Whatever you wear just make sure that you are comfortable in it and are able to carry it with elegance.

A few moments before the actual meeting

This is the time when the adrenalin rush is maximum. Days and weeks of dating and talking online will unfold someone whom you have just imagined in your thoughts unless you have exchanged a good number of photographs. Meeting someone in flesh and blood is a different feeling than seeing someone online. Women tend to love and live the moment since this is one moment that makes them nervous, confused and happy all at the same time. This is surely one point of time when she will be looking forward to expect the best to unfold in front of her eyes. She is prepared to say her greetings to the man she may spend her whole life with.


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What a couple should do to be happy together

Are you and your spouse happy together?

When a couple starts a relationship it’s usually very upbeat for most of them. Everything is rosy. Some even manage to finish their sentences together. Now during the first days of a budding romance, each partner usually goes out of their way to impress one another. However, as time goes by, some couples get comfortable. And before you know it, things become stale and boring.

When you go onto the internet, there are so many topics that couples search on relationships. For instance, “How do I maintain the chemistry in my relationship?”, “How to succeed in a long-term relationship” among other things. Clearly, it seems more couples really want to be happy together. They want to have the kind of relationships that lead to old age and taking care of one another in old age.

So how can a couple have a happy and fulfilling relationship throughout?

As a couple, you need to find ways to turn up the heat and maintain or rekindle the fire. Now when it comes to fire, sex is what most couples think about. However, being happy, and much as sex is important in a relationship, sex alone doesn’t cut it. You have to also maintain the emotional connection too.

That said, let’s talk about sex first

sex positions

Now if you used to turn each other up-side-down when you first started dating after a while, most couples just prefer the plain old missionary position. This is not saying that the missionary doesn’t work. There are various versions of it that can work to your advantage. Try doing it with the woman’s legs on the shoulders.

Now, in one session, you can manage to go through a number of positions, especially those that allow eye contact or those that make it easier for clitoral and boob access to make the woman orgasm faster. Outlined below are some of the sex position names you could try out and their variations:

Compliment and appreciate one another.

Women love praise. Now one thing that can make a woman happy is by appreciating the little things she does with a simple “thank you” note. At the same time, try as much as possible to remind her how sexy she is every now and then.

Now, this goes both ways. A man also likes to know that his efforts are also being recognized. Now for men, the appreciation is more on him providing and how he does masculine things around the house. Always let your man know that he matters.

Gift one another

Nothing says ‘I love you’ and ‘you are always on my mind’ like surprising your loved one with a gift or flowers. It doesn’t have to be something that will break a bank. Get an engraved key ring for your man, buy him new golf clubs. Flowers always put a smile on a woman’s face. Chocolate too. And while at it, never forget to gift her on birthdays and anniversaries.

Don’t forget date nights and getaways

Always find time for yourselves. Go out and have some fun. Somewhere where you can enjoy each others’ company. Plan simple dinners. You can also have picnics with one another as you watch the sunset. Also, take vacations or a night away from your usual home settings. Taking the love away from the usual has a way of heightening and freshening things up.

Go down memory lane

As a man, if you can keep reminding your woman of the things that made you fall in love with her, or the first night you met, then you have her attention. Do little things to remind her of those special days that you made her feel like she is on top of the moon.

Reminiscing about these moments usually, makes one remember why they fell in love in the first place. And this also makes them remember why they should do whatever they can to make it work.

Be faithful and true

Secrets are bad for relationships. Share with one another the things that matter most to the two of you. Being faithful and true to one another is something that is necessary for a couple to be happy together. If you feel temptations coming their way, seek therapy and find ways as a couple to get back on the trust plane.

Saying “I love you” goes a long way.

Never forget to kiss, cuddle and say “I love you” as often as you can. Say it with words, say it with nice gestures. But most of all, let your actions always reflect how much you love one another by doing all of the above.




woman applying makeup

Wearing makeup on the first interracial date

Women going on the first interracial date will surely have a makeup session which is going to boost their looks and confidence to a new level. Wearing makeup is something that can be identified with women of all ages. It comes naturally to most of the women. Men do not disapprove of it however there are many things that get brushed beneath the makeup. On the first interracial date it is pertinent to show the natural and true side of oneself rather than hiding behind makeup.

Be confident on the first interracial date sans makeup

natural beauty

Women need to understand that they have many other characteristics other then than their facial features which are more than enough for a man to fall for them. Confidence of a woman is more than enough for a man to fall for her. A confident woman even with dull features will be able to hold the attention and affection of more men as compared to a woman with sharp features, a lot of makeup but a low self esteem and confidence. Going on the first interracial date? Be high on confidence and you won’t have to put on any makeup.

More than makeup it’s your inner beauty that matters the most

A moderate use of cosmetics does add to the attractiveness of women. The attractiveness via cosmetics needs to be supported by inner beauty and a kind and supportive heart. This is something a man will notice on his first interracial date with a woman. You are in a better position to understand if the man is really serious about the relationship or he just wants to show off his super hot girl friend to his pals. In case you do not put on any makeup and go on your first interracial date you are going to be in a better position to understand the person whom you are dating.

Going bare face means you can call the shots on your first interracial date

Going sans makeup means you have the attitude to show your real self. You are one woman who is not going to be like girls from the 80’s who would be dependent on their man for each and everything. You don’t have to spend your precious time in front of a mirror getting ready for a man you barely know. You have a style of your own and you are not scared to carry it. Not even on the first interracial date. This kind of an attitude gives you a bold outlook which genuine men tend to worship.


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A few things men tend to lie on interracial dating websites

So many people on interracial dating websites! Majority of the accounts belong to serious daters and a select few may be there just for fun or to have a firsthand experience of how dating websites tend to work. Almost all people take good care not to pass any false information to their prospective dates via their dating profile, however, a tinge of distortion of facts and figures does take place especially from men. Men, especially the ones looking out to make an impression in the online dating scenario might try to distort information via their online profiles. Ladies you need to be careful on interracial dating websites before actually making up an impression for someone in your mind. A few things about which men may try and tell lies on interracial dating websites are mentioned below.

Men tend to lie about their Job on interracial dating websites

short manThis is one of the most common lies that men tend to spread via their dating profile and sometimes even via their social media handles. A guy may have his job title outlined as a CEO. However, there is a big difference between a CEO of a small business and a CEO of a startup started from the person’s parent’s garage. Be smart ask how many employees does his organization employ, how many branches his organization has, search for the company name on the web, local directories and if you want to go any further then with the better business bureau also.

Men tend to lie about their height

Well, this is something men love to do all the time. They will tend to add an extra two inches to their height on the interracial dating website since they are sure you are not going to bring a measuring tape to measure their height. If you really want to know the exact height of your date better have a look at their driving license since the actual height will be mentioned over there.

Loss of weight is common on interracial dating websites

The images they have put there on the website are those where they have been in the prime of their health or at the prime of their weight loss program. The weight column while being filled by most men has a number that is almost twenty pounds short of the actual weight. Do not be shocked if you find your interracial date to be almost 20 pounds heavier once you meet him in the real world.

Relationship status may be dicey

All men while filling out their details on interracial dating websites will write single big and clear. This single can mean anything. He may be wriggling out of a relationship, he may not have had a girlfriend in the last 5 years, and he may be in the middle of another relationship but is not sure if he really wants to get into it. To enhance their prospects of being approached by women on interracial dating websites men normally use the word single to denote they are available – some of them with terms and conditions.

Dating best friend a few reasons you can consider to convince yourself

Dating is one part of life that comes with its own surprises. Dating best friend seems to cut short those surprises still one will be able to relive the dating experience of dating best friend if both the partners are excited to date each other. Your best friend will behave and may also show up a new personality once you start dating him or her. Apart from that both of you have known each other for ages thus the discomfort or even the stress of knowing each other is cut short.

Family acceptance for dating best friend is easy

The biggest hurdle while dating is getting your date introduced to your family especially if you are going to continue your relationship for a long time probably marriage. However one does not face much of a problem while dating a best friend. Probably your family knows all your friends and your best friend is a household name for your parents and siblings. Approval from family for the date comes without any problems even if you have decided to date outside your race. Many interracial relationships are a result of best friends dating.

While dating best friend you have had your first date

couple talking on sofa

Both of you might be hanging together, going out together to various events, go for a sleep over to common friends places or even to each other’s homes before actually proposing each other to date. Spending quality time together and talking to each other is something that will not be new for you. This means you already have had your first date. You need not go through the first date blues like deciding which restaurant or café to visit, what clothes to wear or how to behave with your date for the first time.

You know about each other’s past relationships

You and your best friend have shared everything till now including your past relationship failures, you know about his relationship failures if any. If you two have met just a few days ago then you two must have heard or known the minutest details about your best friend. This makes dating best friend all the easier and justified.

Dating your best friend means you have a lot in common

When you are friends especially best friends you have a lot in common between yourself. You share interests, you share hobbies, you may also be sharing the same school, college or area which makes the connection or bond all the stronger. Even if is an interracial relationship both of you have so much in common that race does not really have an effect on your relationship. Going out and doing activities together while dating changes the equation altogether compared to the one you had when you were just best friends.

You complete each other as best friends and dating partners

Dating best friend means you complement the qualities and shortcomings of each other before you actually start dating each other. Expectation setting is according to the past relationship you have had as best friends. You know the mood tantrums of each other. Apart from that, you know how to lift up the mood of your dating partner without going overboard.


dating websites

Five interesting facts about Online Dating

In this era of digital technology and smart phone’s, everyone is making use of their smart phones to carry out quite a few essential tasks of life. Right from shopping to managing your day the smart phone is playing a big role in your online dating endeavours. Online dating websites are very helpful in finding a dating partner.

According to a research “today 15% of U.S. adults report they have used dating websites and dating apps to find a life partner”. Online dating has eaten into the market share of matchmakers. This can be attributed to the fun and no frills online dating websites provide to their users. Dating website’s generally aim to find a compatible dating partner for you with whom you can decide to spend your life.

Online dating is the modern and easiest way to meet people

dating websites


You can easily find a partner, a spouse, a friend for life via an online dating website. People who have registered themselves on a dating website are open to date you if they find you interesting. The sole purpose of these websites is dating.

The best online dating websites have algorithms which will match your profile with the most compatible profiles thus suggesting you dating partners based on scientific and behavioural research. You must have noticed the suggestions you receive once you are a member of an online dating website. These suggestions are based on the compatibility the website has worked out for you.

People read less; look at pictures more in online dating

Research and experience makes one clear that people spend less time on reading text especially on online dating websites. When men check out women online they tend to be more interested in seeing her pictures and images she has uploaded on her dating profile. Same is true for women. They will also find a profile with a lot of good images interesting as compared to a profile with no or less images and a lot of texting highlighting his achievements in life.

The freedom to choose a partner

Online dating websites give you a freedom to choose your dating partner. If you are not happy with someone you are talking or seeing right now just move on and find a new one. The simplicity and no strings attached concept on these online dating websites make them quite popular among the masses. You don’t have to live with a bad partner even if you had taken the initiative in contacting him or her.

One-Fifth of committed relationships start from online dating

Online dating is not just fun. It is a serious life activity. Online dating brings people from different geographic areas, ethnicity, classes and social strata to one platform. There are quite a few interracial dating websites that bring together people from different races. A lot of these dating relationships turn into long term relationships and marriages. A survey has revealed that one fifth of the marriages happening worldwide are a result of dating online.

Busy professionals are taking the lead in Online Dating

People glued to their chairs in the office or globetrotting for business are the ones who are taking the lead in the online dating scenario. Time is scare and socialising is restricted to the professional circle therefore working professionals turn to online dating. Apart from that success people achieved in the past few years and the kind of features provided by dating websites is a big reason for the growing popularity of online dating websites with almost everyone.

safe dating tips

Safe interracial dating tips you need to know while dating

While dating online particularly on an interracial dating website you need to make sure that you are safe from predators that keep lurking on the web and in real life. Steering away from fake people is not hard if you are careful and observant while dating online with an interracial dating website. The signs are always there.  Sometimes we tend to ignore these signs since we are too much involved with the dating hangover. Keeping yourself safe online from people who have a fake identity on interracial dating websites is your responsibility.  These interracial dating websites take all measures to keep you safe still they have a huge database to manage and it becomes a tad difficult at times to kick out people who do not deserve to be there.

The profile on interracial dating website appears too good to be true

While dating everyone looks for the perfect match someone who is complete in all aspects, does not have any flaws and is a yes man or a yes woman in the relationship. However, these scenarios are present only in fairy tales. Human beings are not robots. They are prone to say no to whatever they do not like. Human beings cannot be flawless and if you find one person who wants to date you via an interracial dating website and presents himself as someone flawless consider it as a red flag.

A video call on the interracial dating website is being avoided

video call

Many interracial dating websites provide an opportunity to have a video call or even a chat in the real time where you can see the person love via your device you are using for dating. People who are present on interracial dating websites for a purpose other than dating will make excuses not to attend any of the video calls you try to make with them. Any live streaming medium where they need to come face to face will be avoided by such people. They will steer clear of any private chats that have the facility of a video call citing one or the other reason.

Their stories do not match with facts

People who keep changing their statements and tell you a different story about the same thing every time they have a chat with you are essentially telling lies to you about themselves. People having an agenda other than dating will never be consistent with their statements. You just need to be careful and a bit alert while chatting with people on interracial dating websites.

Such people do not have a social media presence

In case you start chatting with someone on an interracial dating website check for them on social media websites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, myspace, vk, Pinterest. You don’t have to connect with them over there just have a look at their profiles and try and match it up with the one you have on the interracial dating website. People who are connected to you on an interracial dating website but are nowhere to be seen on social media are definitely a red flag considering they may be posing to be someone else on the interracial dating website. On a safe side tread cautiously with someone whom you are not able to look upon the web via a search against their name.