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What a couple should do to be happy together

Are you and your spouse happy together?

When a couple starts a relationship it’s usually very upbeat for most of them. Everything is rosy. Some even manage to finish their sentences together. Now during the first days of a budding romance, each partner usually goes out of their way to impress one another. However, as time goes by, some couples get comfortable. And before you know it, things become stale and boring.

When you go onto the internet, there are so many topics that couples search on relationships. For instance, “How do I maintain the chemistry in my relationship?”, “How to succeed in a long-term relationship” among other things. Clearly, it seems more couples really want to be happy together. They want to have the kind of relationships that lead to old age and taking care of one another in old age.

So how can a couple have a happy and fulfilling relationship throughout?

As a couple, you need to find ways to turn up the heat and maintain or rekindle the fire. Now when it comes to fire, sex is what most couples think about. However, being happy, and much as sex is important in a relationship, sex alone doesn’t cut it. You have to also maintain the emotional connection too.

That said, let’s talk about sex first

sex positions

Now if you used to turn each other up-side-down when you first started dating after a while, most couples just prefer the plain old missionary position. This is not saying that the missionary doesn’t work. There are various versions of it that can work to your advantage. Try doing it with the woman’s legs on the shoulders.

Now, in one session, you can manage to go through a number of positions, especially those that allow eye contact or those that make it easier for clitoral and boob access to make the woman orgasm faster. Outlined below are some of the sex position names you could try out and their variations:

Compliment and appreciate one another.

Women love praise. Now one thing that can make a woman happy is by appreciating the little things she does with a simple “thank you” note. At the same time, try as much as possible to remind her how sexy she is every now and then.

Now, this goes both ways. A man also likes to know that his efforts are also being recognized. Now for men, the appreciation is more on him providing and how he does masculine things around the house. Always let your man know that he matters.

Gift one another

Nothing says ‘I love you’ and ‘you are always on my mind’ like surprising your loved one with a gift or flowers. It doesn’t have to be something that will break a bank. Get an engraved key ring for your man, buy him new golf clubs. Flowers always put a smile on a woman’s face. Chocolate too. And while at it, never forget to gift her on birthdays and anniversaries.

Don’t forget date nights and getaways

Always find time for yourselves. Go out and have some fun. Somewhere where you can enjoy each others’ company. Plan simple dinners. You can also have picnics with one another as you watch the sunset. Also, take vacations or a night away from your usual home settings. Taking the love away from the usual has a way of heightening and freshening things up.

Go down memory lane

As a man, if you can keep reminding your woman of the things that made you fall in love with her, or the first night you met, then you have her attention. Do little things to remind her of those special days that you made her feel like she is on top of the moon.

Reminiscing about these moments usually, makes one remember why they fell in love in the first place. And this also makes them remember why they should do whatever they can to make it work.

Be faithful and true

Secrets are bad for relationships. Share with one another the things that matter most to the two of you. Being faithful and true to one another is something that is necessary for a couple to be happy together. If you feel temptations coming their way, seek therapy and find ways as a couple to get back on the trust plane.

Saying “I love you” goes a long way.

Never forget to kiss, cuddle and say “I love you” as often as you can. Say it with words, say it with nice gestures. But most of all, let your actions always reflect how much you love one another by doing all of the above.




sad mixed couple

Interracial couples need to hear a few words and phrases quite commonly

Interracial couples have to endure a few uncomfortable glances, question, and crude remarks publicly. Interracial couples are still seen as people who have broken the rules of the society, are ridiculed for going against social norms and are constantly kept on tenterhooks by society and family. Few words, phrases, and sentences that interracial couples have to put on with are almost common worldwide

Comments interracial couples have to bear about their offspring’s

It is not uncommon to hear people talk about your kids if you are an interracial couple. Generally, people will remark that you guys are going to have awesome mixed babies. Now no one is entitled to comment on your personal life. You guys may or may not have even thought about having babies still there are people around you who have decided the color and kind of your babies. Apart from that a few of them may even warn you about the identity crisis your kids are going to face once they grow up.

People constantly keep reminding you of your struggle

There will be instances when people will keep pestering you to remember the time when you had to face family pressure, social alienation and a host of other problems because you were in an interracial relationship. Some lucky people may have found a supportive family and a conducive environment for their interracial dating and relationship still you will be asked to share your experience about how you faced the rough times when everybody was against your relationship.

I try and create a different story every time people ask me about my struggle. It has become common knowledge within my social circle that these kinds of questions do not bother me anymore. We need to understand that our struggles are our own experiences and we may choose not to share them with anyone in the world.

Sarcastically interracial couples are called the future of relationships

While walking hand in hand down a street an interracial couple is not trying to make a progressive statement. They are two individuals who are in love with each other. People may even make this statement on your face although some of them sarcastically as if you have been really trying to make a difference to the society.

Questions about ethnicity and your taste will always come up

Many people are constantly going to nag you about your lack of taste since you have moved from your race to another to build a relationship and a family. There will be direct questions like – You do not like anyone from your own race? Didn’t you find someone who looks more like you?

An analogy between you and other interracial couples will be drawn just for the conversation

Being an interracial couple or being in an interracial relationship is not that easy since people will keep telling you about the other interracial couples they have known all through their life. They will draw an analogy in almost everything between you and the other couples whom you haven’t ever heard of.

You need to keep your spirits high and ensure that these kinds of comments do not affect you. Remember your relationship holds more worth than such kinds of talks and low behavior of people who can’t think beyond their race.


Secrets on How to Flirt Your Way to A Conversation or a Relationship

All right, this time I will teach you how to actually ‘tease’ your way into getting a conversation with someone you think is interesting. After all, someone needs to make the first move. For the single ladies who are scared of seeming too awkward, you may have to initiate else you will be left waiting in vain for the time to come.

Here are some decent ways on how you can make that first move.

1. Start Giving Compliments

Man flirting with woman

Of course, you wouldn’t want to come across fake or trying too hard. Just start acknowledging simple truths about the other person. Just be prepared for rebuttals and transitions. You wouldn’t like to talk all day about the sneakers or shirt he’s wearing, or the skirt that hugs her behind perfectly. (wink!)

2. Ask

There are limitless possibilities of things to ask, However, since you are making the first move, make sure to pick a topic tastefully and inquire in a way that would make the other person want to talk to you. First impressions often last, so don’t just ask anything for the sake of asking. Play it smart.

3. Encourage Opinion

You may have to assert yourself by opening a conversation with things you know or are sure of, then ask that person for an opinion. Like the first two tricks, you may have to be prepared and keen enough. It’s either you end up with a too opinionated person or not at all.

4. Be Forgiving

When making the first move, you may not always get the exact responses or reactions you expect. You may have to follow-up with an inquiry whether it’s bad timing or too personal. As this happens, relax. There’s always next time or another person.

Flirting doesn’t always have to come with a negative connotation. It’s all about timing.