dating multiple people

Is there something wrong with dating multiple people?

dating multiple people


Many people have a negative view about dating multiple people at the same time, but truly speaking, dating multiple people at once is totally okay if you are into casual dating but if you are in an intimate relationship with a person then it’s not ethically right to have multiple partners.

Casual dating is a phase when you are trying to explore the options to find the ideal partner and committing to a single casual partner can lead to missing the better opportunity to date a better partner.

Reasons to date multiple people

Get a better partner:

its a mistake that most of the men/ women do, they go on a casual date and gets comfortable with being that person. Step out of your comfort zone and pursue to check the better opportunities available around you until you are done indulge in a committed relationship.

Its proven that people who dated multiple people before getting into the committed relationship have a better partner with better compatibility. If you stuck yourself to a single partner, then you will never know what the world has to offer.

dating multiple people

It’s not a taboo:

Dating a single partner and getting committed to that same partner is a part of the narrow mentality of society. Whenever you go to the supermarket to buy the groceries or clothes do you try and compare different items and check which suits you best? Then why not compare and try different people before you get yourself into a committed relationship.

Dating ‘Musts’

Many women find themselves trapped in the dating “musts” or rules, throw those ideas into the garbage. You are entitled to follow rules made by someone with narrow outlook, your destiny depends on your actions.  

The dangers of focusing on one guy

So you have been seeing a guy casually for a couple of months and you have been getting hot and cold vibes from him and don’t know whether he is totally into you or not, what to do?

Here is a solution: stop getting committed to casual relationships! casual dating is called casual because you are not required to pursue and stick to only one person. You should feel free to explore all the opportunities and maybe you can find a better person while you are dating multiple people casually.

Psychologically, guys are attracted towards women who have dated multiple guys and know how to handle things well. Those women seem bit more challenging to guys which improve your attractiveness.

black and white romance

Romance between black and white couples is on the rise!

The interracial romance in on a constant rise and we all can see that, coupled are breaking religious barriers to be with someone they really love and admire.

Black and white couples are getting more common in society because of changing attitude towards racism and prejudice.

Here are some of the common reasons of rising black and white couples.

Lower racism:

Racism is one of the biggest evil of society and it is gradually going down, white people have started accepting black people equally and that’s what makes them fall in love with them, the same goes with black people as well.

Better mindset: 

Some of the people love the break stereotypes, they did believe in the old and traditional barriers made by society and they are not restraining themselves from falling in love with someone from other cast and color.  

A lot of learning

Interracial relationships include a lot of learning and that’s what makes them special, some people tend to enjoy the new culture and absorb the good things about different cultures.

Beautiful children

Of course, one of the biggest reason why people fantasize about being in the interracial relationship is the beautiful children. Kids with interracial blood are more likely to be open towards equality.

Being more independent

Earlier most of the youngsters were dependent on their parents for the basic survival but the increasing level of independence is setting them free to choose their right partner without being worried about anything else.

happy interracial couple

Easy then ever before

Online dating is one of the biggest reason for raise in interracial relationships, they have made the dating far easy than before.

Most difficult part of an interracial relationship is to approach the person but dating websites have improved our search radius and made it easier than ever before.

The world needs more interracial couples:

We are living in an era where people have been killing each other on the basis of cast and color, interracial relationships are the bridge between two culture to understand each other and flourish together. Mixed relationships are leading to better tolerance toward other relations.

Interracial Couples

Do Couples Who Are Involved In Interracial Relationships Benefit More Than Regular Couples?

An interracial relationship is not a new concept in today’s world, people are very open towards interracial relationships and have started changing their outlook towards it. One of the most common question that the bother most of the newly interracial couples is the number of changes that will be reflected in their behavior.

There is always a mixed feeling about the experiences in an interracial relationship but let me tell you that these kind of relationships are very beneficial for the personal development as well. Let me point out some of the benefits that you will be able to see in your behavior once you get involved in a relationship with someone with a different race.

Its okay to be different

One of the most beautiful thing that people understand after getting into a relationship with a person from a different race is understanding that its okay to be different, instead of bothering about the skin color and other stereotypes you will develop a skill to differentiate the human according to their behavior and nature instead of judging them on the basis of their race.

Develop true respect

Interracial relationships are never going to be easy relationships; if you are expecting the interracial relationship to be easy for you then you better step back right now.

You will be required to soak yourself into the culture of your partner and that’s where you will develop the true respect towards different cultures as well. Every culture and religion has its own benefits and drawbacks, but once you understand them carefully you will start respecting them.

Interracial Couples

Stop giving a shit about what people think

You will get tons of people who are going to tell you that biracial relationship won’t work but as an interracial couple you will develop the thick skin to stop giving a shit about what people think about you and your relationship.

One of the root causes of constant tension in life is because we bother about what people think about us, the day you stop worrying about peoples perspective is the day when you truly achieve freedom.

Learn to be on the same page

A common cause of most breakups? Not being able to stay on the same page.

While in an interracial relationship you will be required to acquire extensive skills to stay on the same page and learn to stay by each other side whenever required. Why interracial couples develop skills to stay on the same page? Because these couples face maximum resistance from society, from family to friends everyone is questioning them for their relationship choice, only the true love can survive that level of scrutiny.

interracial couple

Differences in the relationship of an interracial couple compared to a same race couple

Couples in mixed race relationships usually have to deal with their interracial differences. Relationships can be hard as is. Now try adding racial differences to the mix.

Interracial couples experience their fair share of differences as compared to same race couples. This if not handled well can cause a strain in the relationship.

Differences between interracial couples and same-race couples

Attitudes of people towards mixed couples

Much as people have changed their attitudes towards interracial dating, there are still some people who see it as something different. So when an interracial couple us out on a date in public, some people still stare or make bad comments about them. It’s like people notice that they are different.

Cultural and interracial differences with family


Most couples in mixed race relationships usually have to deal with their cultural differences. These could be differences in the food they eat or even the way they socialize with one another. So as an interracial couple, you may have to compromise and find a way to balance all these differences out.

Having to deal with haters

Some interracial couples have had to deal with other people’s intolerance towards interracial couples. Besides being hated on social media, some have had to deal with violence head-on. This is something that same race couples may never have to deal with.

Family resistance

Some families are scared of interracial differences that come with such couples. They might have heard some stereotypes about the other race which might cloud their judgment. Same race couples rarely get such resistance.

When family gangs up against your relationship, it can put a strain on you. You may have to be put in a position where you have to choose between family and love. However, if the love is worth fighting for, they eventually turn the family around.


interracialcouple traveling

Meeting the parents of your interracial partner for the very first time

Meeting the parents of the person you are dating can be such a nerve wrecking affair. It doesn’t mattter what race they are. People get nervous all the time. Now imagine them coming from a different culture. The nervousness is ususally heighteend. You want them to accept you just as your partner has. You keep hoping that they are open enough to see beyond the racial difference. Things have to go smoothly since you really like your partner.

How to make the first meeting with your interracial partner’s parents go smoothly.

1. Take to time to learn a thing or two about them

The person who knows your potential in laws is your partner. Ask him to tell you a little or a lot about them. Prepare yourself before hand.

2. When meeting the parents varry a small gift

No matter how small, gifts are always a thoughtful thing to bring when meeting the parents. You can make it as simple as bringing a desert.

3. Keep you hands and things about the lust and attraction to yourselves.

Much as they might want to be sure that your relationship is the real deal, dontgo into details about your attraction or how you met and had sex the first day. At the same time, try keeping your hands to yourselves until you go back home and its just the two of you. Some cultures see public displays of affection as disredspectful.

4. Engage with the parents

Ask a few questions about them in a bit to know them better. Also make it a point ask questions about your partner that shows genuine interest in her as a person and who she used to be. These are some of the things that will give you pointers.

Hope that your meeting the parents event goes as smoothly as planned.


interracial couple cooking

Activities that an interracial couple can do together to boost their love life

There are various couple activities that people in interracial relationships can do together in order to keep their love going. Normally people usually say that couples who have lasting relationships are those who do stuff together. I once read an article that said that couples who have similar drinking habits have better and lasting love. Who am I to deny that?

Anyway, we have to admit that most interracial couples, especially those that come from different regions of the world usually have a lot of cultural differences. But as a couple that has merged together in love, its time that both of you merged those differences in order to come up with something that works for both of you.

Below are some couple activities that are great for couples’ bonding.

1. Cooking together

Cooking together really makes a couple bond because you will always be taking… “Pass me the salt.” “What spices should we try out this time?” You will always have something to say. Try cooking while having some wine.

As an interracial couple from different cultural backgrounds, how about each week, you cook your traditional meals together. Then try and tweak the recipes to kind of make them “your own”. Kind of like something that incorporates the best of both worlds.

2. Traveling

You might not get to do this all the time, but traveling can be such a fun thing to do as an interracial couple. How about making it a point for each one of you to visit your native countries and learn about the culture, foods, and traditions. It can be such a great bonding experience as you explore each other’s worlds. Plus the explaining what things mean gets you talking.

3. Try couple activities like Kayaking

Kayaking is such a fun activity for couples. This is especially so because you get to put on some of those bikinis and shorts and show some great. This is definitely a great view as you row away. You can also play games like getting each other wet!

4. Go for sporting events

Men and sports! However, if you want to really make a man adore you, take an interest in the sports he loves.



couple of happy friends

Tips to make sure that you don’t end up friendzoned

How can you make sure you are not friendzoned by the girl or guy you like?

So you have met this beautiful woman or a handsome dude that you really like. Now when you met, you had no feelings for her. But after spending a few times with them, you start developing feelings for them. They still consider you as a friend but you are not sure if they share similar romantic feelings that you have.

How do you ensure that you don’t end up in the friendzone, an area where you have become to much a friend and all romantic interest disappears?

1. Stop being their problem solver

Now, there is nothing wrong with giving him or her a listening ear. But if she is coming to you for guy or girl problems, then we have a big problem! You not to immediately stop being the person they run to for such. Let her know that you are not comfortable. Stop being too obliging.

2. Don’t be too much of a friend.

Now, I am not saying this in a bad way. What I really mean is, if you are too available to her as a friend, you will be frienzoned for sure. The key here is to drop hints that you are interested in being more than just a friend. Compliment her on her appearance … flirt with her and let her know that you find her sexually appealing.

Also, let her know that you are sexually available and that you enjoy spending time with her… alone!

3. Take her to fun places they enjoy

Excitement builds arousal that’s for sure. So enough with those boring dinners. Do some fun stuff together. Go out of your way to make them feel special. Now if they are into dancing, nothing brings 2 individuals closer. Take advantage when she leans closer.

4. Touching her or sneaking in a kiss is a sure way to know you are not being friendzoned.

couple kissing

If you don’t state your intentions boldly, you will never know. And touching does build intimacy. SO go for it. Let your feet touch each other… put your hand on their lap. If they are feeling you, they will touch you back. And if they do, its time to move in fast!

Go for it! Lean in for that kiss. What relationship can you build without a kiss? If she responds accordingly, dude she wants more… If they don’t, its time to move on!






happy interracial couple

Taking Your Interracial Partner On The Perfect First Date

Because of online dating, people of different races meet each other and become couples. Eventually, online couples would want to take their relationship offline for the perfect date. Even if you are miles apart, your first date is inevitable especially if you are really serious with each other. Here are some perfect date plans you can try.

Just Eat

interracial couple and coffeeLike any other date, eating with your interracial partner is definitely a must on your first date. What makes it more exciting is that you can try each other’s different cultural recipes. You can eat in a restaurant the serves the cuisine of your partner or yours. You can also cook for each other so you can both taste different cuisines at the same time. You can eat together at your or have a picnic together.

Have Fun Playing

Aside from eating, you can also play together. You can go bowling or ice-skating. You can play your favorite sports like badminton and basketball. You can also play some board games or mind games. You can also go to the arcade and play some arcade machines. You can also go to amusement parks to try on some rides. There are lots of ways to have fun. It is up to you and your partner to decide what to do

Be Entertained

Another idea on how you can spend your first date together is by watching some entertainment. You can watch films or have a movie marathon. You can also watch concerts together especially if you have a favorite international artist who is going to hold a concert in or near the area.

Enjoy The View

interracial couple looking at Christmas treeIf you are both not in the mood for a lot of activities, you can also enjoy the scenery around you. You can go to tourist spots together especially if you are in his/her country or vice versa. You can go to the city and see the city’s nightlife. You can also go to the outskirts of towns to enjoy some peaceful ambiance. You can also take some picture worthy scenes with your partner while your blending in with the surroundings.

Get To Know Each Other More

Another date idea you can try is to just sit back and talk to each other. Sometimes you don’t need to be fancy or go out on your first date. You can just always enjoy each other’s company. You can do some getting-to-know each other activities so it will be fun and not boring.

happy interracial coupleYou may be wondering why the dating ideas given here are like any typical dating activity. Actually, taking your interracial partner on a perfect first date is not different from taking a person of the same race on a first date. You two may be of different races but you are both humans. You have similarities that you will both agree on without taking too much consideration of the cultural difference. As long as you two are having a good time, it is a perfect date.


How to Grab Positive Attention

Trying to be noticed by your crush could be a  heart – wrenching at times. There is that great need to catch the attention of your crush. Look your best to be noticed. How can you be noticed when you are so far away from the radar of your crush?


Try to be out there and be noticed.

Put up a good impression by looking your best, your smart best. It doesn’t hurt if you can put up a very good appearance – change your hairstyle, give attention to your face.  Try to put up a fresh and smooth face.  Update your wardrobe. Of course, physical attraction should go beyond what is seen but it is still important in catching someone’s attention.  Then, if you have good qualities that you can show off, why not flaunt it? Show that you have confidence – that you are an interesting person worth taking a second look at.

Start talking to your crush

When talking to your crush, just be the natural, real you. Put out the interesting stuff about yourself – act cool, play it cool. Express your intentions clearly as people do not really read minds. Show active listening not just in what you say but in your gestures.

Express your funny, quirky side

People like it when you’re funny – so say something funny and laugh at it casually. Being funny will get you a long way in the getting the attention of others.  A funny person is well liked and will always attract the attention of everyone. This is best when you are able to make your crush laugh, you will surely make a mark. To be funny, you need to have a lot of confidence in yourself and how you can project this side of yours to others. If not something funny, say something quirky. Move up and say something interesting and unique. This will surely make heads turn towards you. These are the perfect elements for drawing people – your personality and confidence.

Be available

Show to your crush that you are there, that you are open and accepting. This is not merely expressed through what you are saying but also by how to position and put yourself out there. Adopt an open stance meaning make sure that you are not covering your torso with your hand or any items. Put away your cell phone when talking to someone and use appropriate gestures.

Show genuineness

Acting out like somebody and pretending like somebody will surely kill you in the “notice me”  game. Do not be Know yourself and be mindful of how you project yourself to others. Just be yourself by identifying your strengths and cool side. Know which side of you needs to be enhanced. Genuineness is also very attractive. Show interest in the other person. Listen intently and respond appropriately. Nothing is more attractive than someone being genuinely present and giving you that attention you deserve.




young mixed couple

Things women love on their first interracial date

The first interracial date is a big step towards the bigger relationship goals a person is nurturing for his life with an interracial partner. The first few hurdles of prospecting, finding and meeting the perfect interracial date have been cleared. Now is the time for the first interracial date where you are going to see your interracial dating partner in flesh and blood for the first time. The excitement and emotional whirlwind is unparallel on that day and women for whom this is the first interracial date love it to the core of heir heart.

rowing dateWomen love the excitement build up of the first interracial date

The excitement that starts building up right from the morning on the first interracial date is one part of the first interracial date that women tend to love. Women wake up nervous in the morning and tend to calm down by mid-morning. The emotional upheaval all through the day is more than enough to keep her excited and love the feeling of seeing someone she may spend her entire life with. The whole day till the actual meeting is spent in thinking how it is going to turn out for her.

Women love selecting an outfit for the first interracial date

Women love dressing up. The first interracial date is a big thing in her life and she wants to look best on that day. The choice of clothes is another roller coaster ride that women take when getting ready for the first interracial date. More the clothes possessed by a woman harder it is to choose. Skirt or dress? Pants or Shorts? Button – up or T – Shirt? Heels or flats? Whatever you wear just make sure that you are comfortable in it and are able to carry it with elegance.

A few moments before the actual meeting

This is the time when the adrenalin rush is maximum. Days and weeks of dating and talking online will unfold someone whom you have just imagined in your thoughts unless you have exchanged a good number of photographs. Meeting someone in flesh and blood is a different feeling than seeing someone online. Women tend to love and live the moment since this is one moment that makes them nervous, confused and happy all at the same time. This is surely one point of time when she will be looking forward to expect the best to unfold in front of her eyes. She is prepared to say her greetings to the man she may spend her whole life with.