Love can overlook almost anything, including gender, status, and race. However, finding your one true love is never that easy.


While there are a billion people also actively looking for a mate, you may have to acknowledge either the silent competition that somehow limits your chances or the limitless possibilities that can make-or-break your dream relationship.

This predicament led us to create The Swirler, your trusted dating website that equips you with the right tips and advice to stand against any competition while bringing you closer to your most likely match, based of course on your preferences.

Why Through Us

We believe that while other online dating sites can also serve the purpose of finding your partner, we take pride in setting up an environment conducive to long-lasting relationships.

The Swirler won’t give you a platform where you can flirt while waiting for your better half, (though you may do so if you wish), we will provide you an avenue to screen your dates or matches. Plus, we are not limited to a single country or race.

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